Monthly Archives: August 2016

Let the framing begin!

After pouring the slab last week, we have wasted little time continuing to make progress on my house. Saturday we got the sill seal put down along with the sill plate. This is what we attach the frame for the walls to.   My Dad is so talented. A retired banker, he knows all the […]

Slab happy

Tonight I can officially say that I am slab happy! After what has been literally months in the making, we finally poured the slab today. I am so incredibly excited to have another milestone behind me and be moving forward. About nine months ago, I decided that a slab would be easier and more economical than […]

A septic system is exciting

Ok, I will admit that I have never put those words together in a sentence before, but a septic system is truly exciting for me today. The last two days have been spent digging, putting in crushed rock and then the tank came late today.   My dream is for my Dad and I to […]

Should have I gone the tiny house route??

During the last year, I have had many thoughts regarding what I should do in terms of housing. I am so excited about building my own house, however, some days I ask myself if it was the right move. Building your own house is a slow process.   After taking a job nearly an hour […]