Monthly Archives: September 2016

High school all over again

Yesterday my Dad and his friend, Lars, worked at the homestead and did wonders. They moved the 20-foot long 2×12 rafters and put them up as a temporary floor for the loft. They used the bucket on the tractor to lift them to the second floor. I still can’t comprehend how we are going to […]

Beaming with excitement

Progress on my house continues at a furious pace. My Dad, who celebrates his 70th birthday on Monday, is so driven! I have never seen anything like it. He will go down to the homestead and work all day while I am at work. I typically go straight from work to the house where we work […]

Progress with interior framing

We continue to make great progress on the house, but have no real milestones to speak of in the last week. I guess the saying is slow and steady wins the race. Wednesday night could have been the hardest work we have done yet. We were stacking boards that will be used for the roof […]