Monthly Archives: October 2016

The never-ending roof

  Yesterday could have been one of the hardest days physically on the homestead yet. We are still working on the roof and one thing that I am learning really quickly is that things tend to go much slower than planned. We would have loved to finish the roof, but as with many things, it […]

Up on the house top

I am on vacation this week so each and every day is precious in the building process. Each day brings us one day closer to cold and snow, so we are taking full advantage of these gorgeous fall days. Our initial plan was to continue working on the roof on Monday, but that was not […]

Rafters have been raised!!!

What an amazing few days on the homestead. After what seemed like eons, we finally put up the rafters this week. It almost came to a screeching halt when my Dad was afraid that hurricane Matthew would bring them down, however, when the forecast tracked it out to sea, we decided to proceed.   My […]

Preparing to raise the rafters

It has been another busy week on the homestead. Our original hope was to get the rafters up this week, but that did not happen. We are in good shape for that to come to fruition this upcoming week. The length of daylight is really curtailing how much we are able to accomplish in the […]