A new storage shed gives the sheep more space

I was hoping that I would have house progress to report, but that’s not the case. However, I do have a new shed. I am ecstatic about the shed, and we will make more progress on the house eventually.

It was interesting being back at square one and building again. I was pounding nails and putting up walls. I was on the roof screwing down the metal. It made me realize how far we have come with the house.

There are times that the sheep have been a rough transition. I love them dearly, but I have struggled with how dirty their shelter gets. I like to keep things neat and clean and four sheep in a small shelter 10 – 12 hours each night make a big mess. I must keep reminding myself that they are farm animals. I’ve read that some people only clean out their sheep barn once or twice a year, but I clean mine out daily and it’s still disgusting. I keep reading as much as I can to see if there are any secrets. I’ve been using sawdust for bedding and it seems like it just becomes saturated with all the liquid and it never dries. If anyone knows any secrets, please forward along.

Their initial shelter had space for the lambs on one side and then the hay, grain, shovels, and other various things on the other side. It was divided by about a three-and-a-half-foot wall. We decided to build a new storage shed, move all the supplies in there, and open the entire shelter up for the lambs.

We finally got the shed finished last weekend and it has helped a bit. The filth is still bothering me. I’ve debated not locking them up at night, but I am so afraid something will get them. I think that I am just going to keep experimenting and see if I can find something that works better than what I am currently doing.

Sheep and house aside, it’s been a rough couple of weeks for my family. My grandmother passed away on Sept. 3, after being in a nursing home the past year. She believed the Bible and believed in Jesus, and I know that she is in a better place, but it’s never easy to lose a loved one. It’s hard to see someone suffer like she did at the end. I am sad that she never got to see my house completed. My uncle brought her to my house in July for a visit. She was unable to get out of the car, but I was able to bring one of the lambs over to see her. I’m glad she got to meet Maggie.


Laura Reed

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After 15 years in college athletics, the last seven as an assistant athletics director, I was burned out with 70-hour work weeks and extensive travel. I resigned my position and accepted a position in marketing at a small, vibrant college in my hometown of Unity, Maine. In the process I wanted to go back to my childhood where we raised polled Herefords, had a Christmas Tree Farm and spent many hours outside. I decided I wanted to build my own home on beautiful farmland that my family owns. With help from my Dad, the most talented person I’ve ever met, we are building my home together. I have decided to blog my experience – the ups and downs, the joys and frustrations. What was once an open field will one day be my home! The dream in my head is becoming reality. I can just see the lambs frolicking in the field, chickens in the barnyard and going running with my Alaskan Malamute!