Window trim and a bathroom door

Progress continues at a steady pace on the house. We have gotten to the point where there are only a few big projects left, but lots of little cosmetic items to keep plugging away at. As long as we have worked on this house, it still sometimes seems surreal that we are at this point. My Mom or Dad will often find a photo on their ipad of when we were just starting out and will forward it to me. Wow have we come a long way.

Last weekend, I continued staining the loft. We had put up some new boards on the outside of the bathroom last week. We still need to build the closet, so there is still more staining to be done.

The main project for the past week was finishing the windows. As with everything else, I searched Pinterest endlessly until I found some that I liked. I finally went with a small piece of trim and am really happy with how they turned out. It’s amazing what difference a few boards can make. I went with white trim on the blue shiplap.

We also got the bathroom door installed this week. I was very happy about that. Living alone it is not a huge deal, but it’s nice when my parents are here working to have a door on the bathroom. We may not get the rest of the doors hung until spring, as they are in a barn which is a bit difficult to access in the winter. I’m just happy about the bathroom door.

Saturday morning my Mom’s cousin, Gene, and his wife, Marianne, came over to visit and see the house. It was great to have them. Gene has helped on the house some so it was great to be able to show them the progress.

Saturday afternoon was a day that I had envisioned for years. Despite being super cold out, I put on cross country skis and headed out. I skied for about an hour and loved every minute. It was fascinating to see all the animal tracks in the snow and great to get a good workout in.

My biggest frustration at this point is that I really don’t want cable television, but I want to be able to watch the Olympics. I have now purchased two antennas that were supposed to get many, many channels (according to their websites), but have yet to find one that will get NBC. We are still working on a few things on the most recent one in hopes of picking up a few more channels. I don’t watch a lot of television, but really want to be able to see the Olympics, not to mention the Super Bowl.